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Cestmoi, Best Beauty Institute of the Netherlands

Vision Cestmoi;    “Your skin is the centre of attention”

Your skin never tells lies. Your skin reveals how you feel. Fortunately, we can enhance your skin by giving it the right attention and appropriate treatments. Because that is the essence of skin care. We are serious in providing skin treatments but also give attention to you as a person. We have the latest techniques and insights at our disposal and love spending time treating and pampering you and your skin. When you look into the mirror, our services will enable you to say proudly: Cestmoi!

More than that, knowledge and quality are only part of our vision of an institute that combines the best skin care and depilatory techniques with a relaxing experience.  An institute where professionals are in charge of your skin care and where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest. An institute that gives you the opportunity to talk about your skin and the world behind. This combination is essential in Cestmoi’s vision. In order to really help you, trust is required. However, trust needs to be earned.

Our many years of experience provide us with the skills and expertise to earn your trust. After all, we have been nominated by a professional jury in the field ‘Best Beauty Institute of the Netherlands’. 





Our passion is to deliver the best result for every client we see. We agree with clients what they wish to achieve and select the optimal solution to achieve the desired result. We are always honest about what can be achieved and what is expected of you as a client. The biggest reward is the guarantee of a well enhanced skin. In addition, our treatments will give you new energy and a better self-image. Professional skin care begins with setting a clear goal. We can repair your skin or fix a concrete skin care problem. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure that we can say with confidence which results can be achieved when taking care of your skin. Paying serious attention to you means honesty from our side about possibilities but also about limitations. It also means honesty about your role during the treatments. We are working together on a radiant skin. Cestmoi offers you the best skin care combined with a relaxing experience. Your skin treatments are in the hands of professionals whilst you are able to enjoy a comforting treatment. We like to discuss any skin issues you may have and also like to get to know you better. In order to really help you, we need your trust. And we can only gain your trust by doing what we can do best: paying attention to you and your skin.